Spirit Bird

Life Coaching




My coaching is aimed for the ones who are:

  • physically in pain
  • emotionally breaking down
  • mentally exhausted
  • out of energy
  • suffering from addiction
  • unable to focus
  • unable to trust themselves
  • struggling to be aware
  • struggling in relations
  • looking for guidance

the answer to those issues and all issues starts from inside. Like a river, if the dirt keeps on being accumulated, the water will not flow. Our inner energy network works the same way, when channels are blocked, it causes suffering, only there to show us what needs to be clean.

My work is based on my life experience. I managed to find joy, health and power using tools like yoga, meditation, Qi kung, healing energy, sound, writing, creation, mindfulness, self-love, compassion, introspection and discipline stretching. One of my gifts is the sharpness of my vision and the simplicity of my communication. Therefore, I help bringing symptoms and causes into clearness. I give tools to solve them out so that you move towards a higher state of balance.


First, you need to feel ready for a change and willing to help yourself.

Second, you send me an email explaining your issue with your name, a picture of you and the permission to receive information via photo. This connection helps me to get a better understanding of your issue beyond words.

Then we organize an appointment for the consultation via video call or face to face. The duration of a consultation is approximately one hour and can be extended if necessary



(Basic one hour consultation)

+ Free price

(extended consultation)

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